Customs Agency in Ancona: CAMAR DI MAURO MARTELLI S.A.S.

The agency CAMAR DI MAURO MARTELLI S.A.S. was founded in Ancona in 1997 by the idea of the customs agent Mauro Martelli as a family business. Our employees, as our clients, are effectively part of our family and like that they are considered.


During those 24 years of activity like private company and with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, our company and our staff stood out from the others for professionality, seriousness and confidentiality shown towards our customers whether they are direct customers or managed on behalf of shipping and logistics companies both Italian and European.

Thanks to our “little dimension” we are able to grant to our customers a dedicated service always tailored to the need of our business partners. Regardless of whether we are talking about the big brand in the automotive sector up to the small artisans who begin their experience in the world of international trade for the first time, passing through the large shipping companies, our staff is always ready and available to provide the best assistance in all your needs.

Our CORE BUSINESS is mainly focused to the import, export and transit operations between Europe and Turkey. Turkey is one of the main business partners for Italy, therefore over the years we have highly specialized for operations to and from this country. This has been particularly appreciated by our business partners, as today we are customs broker of over 60 active Turkish carriers (like Mars Lojistik, Ekol Lojistik, Erhanlar Uluslararasi, Sarilar Nakliyat, Sertel Uluslararasi, Turker Uluslararasi, etc…).

In 2014 TOBB UND LOJISTIK YATIRIM, association between the Turkish chambers of commerce and the transporters, chose us as exclusive customs agents in Ancona.


Similarly in 2016 SGS S.A. (Société Générale de Surveillance), first organization in the certifications field recognized worldwide, chose us as exclusive referent for transit matters in Ancona. Therefore we are able to assist their partners with transit procedures using their platform TRANSITNET.

Our activities clearly are not limited only to the operations with Turkey. We work with all the countries of the Mediterranean Sea with trucks and worldwide with containers.

Regardless of whether you have a truck with perishable goods, or containers with “simple” plastic works, our GOAL is always to consider each shipment as an ultra-express operation. Having a fluent partnership with companies in the fishing and vegetables market we know very well how a single hour of delay could change the final selling price of a product. As well we are well aware that any customer have the necessity and also the pleasure to receive his goods in the short time possible in order to avoid any problems for productions.

Our VISION is to create a network of PROFESSIONAL figures here in Italy in order to be able to clear any needs of any customers in any place in our Country. This will avoid that the customers are “attracted” by the big companies and mega corporations in logistic field that are making their way also here in Italy. Behind a low price to attract the new clients they have no real quality service to offer ending up losing them after a few operations. When the quality of the service fails, the big brands tend to look out for new solutions even if the price of the services are basically like for free. Our goal so is to create WORK opportunities and to share them among and especially with small reality like ours without replacing them offering low cost and low-quality services. Professionalism, as for quality, should be recognized and paid accordingly. It’s unthinkable and unprofessional to go on in a sector like ours, that requires to be updated day by day with new procedures and regulations, making the operations for 5€ of low that some of the biggest realities are now offering.

Trying always to work at the best of our competences and professionality in order to try to keep third party costs at minimum (like arrears costs for trucks and containers) we are able to offer you a vast series of services:




1)      Definitive import operation with VAT payment;

2)      Definitive import operation with VAT exemption via DICHIARAZIONE DI INTENTO;

3)      Definitive import operation with DEPOSITO IVA;

4)      Transit document T1;

5)      Unloading of goods in DDP (Private Customs Warehouse);

6)      Assistance for health certification;

7)      Assistance for veterinary certification;

8)      Assistance for radiometric certification with request of intervention done to qualified technicians;


Likewise for European customers that would want to clear the goods in Italy we can assist via one of our partners the services of fiscal representation. In that way it would be possible to import the goods here in Italy and proceed directly to the final destinations in Europe.




1)      Definitive export operations;

2)      Issuing of ATR certificate;

3)      Issuing of EUR1 certificate;

4)      Issuing of EUR-MED certificate;

5)      Assistance for credit based documents;




1)      Issuing of TIR CARNET;

2)      Issuing of T1/T2 with own private guarantee;

3)      Issuing of T1/T2 with TOBB UND guarantee;

4)      Issuing of T1/T2 with SGS TRANSITNET guarantee;

5)      Issuing of ATA ARNET;

6)      Issuing of T2L documents;




Since we are authorized to present the INTRASTAT declarations we can help the companies also for the presentation of the required declarations for the selling and purchase of goods and services within EU countries.




Due to our elevated experience accumulated within the years, we operate also in the field of formation for the companies that have the intention to create in their own place a dedicated sector to the customs procedures and also a service of consulting over international business matters. For example we can assist you in obtaining the AEO status, the status of AUTHORIZED EXPORTER, and the status of AUTHORIZED PLACE.




Our warehouse of about 400 meters is located at the entrance of the port area of Ancona, in a private location far from the mess of the inner port area. We have at our disposal lift both electrical and at gasoline and we can store in completely safety all kind of goods except for the ADR of each class and perishable goods, since we have not a fridge cellar.

ANCONA is naturally located on the coast of the Center of Italy and of the Adriatic Sea. Linked daily to the ports in Greece, Albania and Croatia, is one of the main port of our sea, also one of the main and fastest way to reach the Middle East.

During the years we have obtained many authorizations and certifications as proof of our standards.


We are a certificated AEO company ITAEOC110456, and in our warehouse we have the status of DEPOSITO IVA and DDP PRIVATE CUSTOMS BOUNDED WAREHOUSE.

We are AUTHORIZED SENDER and RECEIVER, so we can operate with T1 24 hours per day, 7 days on 7 all the years. This also thanks to the domiciliation procedure allow us to proceed with the import operations that didn’t requires third party’s intervention also on Sunday and during the Holidays. This is particularly appreciated by our clients that are working in alimentary field like fish. Due to the perishable nature of their goods, they have the necessity to have their goods as soon as possible at any hour of the day.ANCONA is naturally located on the coast of the Center of Italy and of the Adriatic Sea. Linked daily to the ports in Greece, Albania and Croatia, is one of the main port of our sea, also one of the main and fastest way to reach the Middle East.

We work each day from Monday to Sunday, making any kind of operations.